Cloud security webinar with free white paper next Tuesday

The paper - entitled `Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Endpoint Management and Security' - looks at how enterprise end-user computing is moving from a LAN-centric to accessing information in the cloud, and explaining how the IT focus of an organisation is shifting from server availability and security to the endpoint.

As well as a free download of the white paper, two industry experts on the subject of cloud computing will be giving their unique views on how the technology is changing the face of IT security.

Dr Eugene Schultz, CISM, CISSP, chief technology officer with Emagined Security, will be explaining that, whilst there is no general agreement concerning exactly what cloud computing means, this does not mean that businesses cannot protect their assets in a cloud environment.

Dr Schultz will talk about how organisations can better protect their data when at rest or in motion in the cloud, how DLP technology can be harnessed as a solution.

Joining him on the presenter podium will be Mark Ehr, a senior product marketing manager with BigFix, who will be looking at the pros and cons of SaaS technologies, as well as detailing what steps IT professionals can take to better defend their assets in the cloud.

Rounding out the panel will be Steve Gold, Infosecurity's technical editor, who will be chairing the popular Q&A session that follows the Dr Schultz and Mark Ehr's presentations.

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