CSC to provide Air Force with intrusion prevention services

Under the contract, CSC personnel will work to isolate, contain, and prevent network intrusions for the Air Force’s automated information systems and networks. In addition, the company will plan, coordinate, analyze, and report results of managed network intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Based at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tex., the 33rd Network Warfare Squadron provides continuous monitoring of computer networks for the Air Force, US Central Command, and US Joint Forces Command. It has around 270 people, 70% of whom are contractors.

"We have about 325 sensors that sit out there on the networks that monitor traffic going across the entire Air Force network," said Maj. Carl Grant, squadron commander. "These sensors are configured so if there is a certain type of activity that we deem harmful to the network, they trip an alert, and it comes to the folks [at the command center] who have checklists and procedures they use to try to identify who it is and take steps to stop that person from causing trouble, depending on the type of alert that's hitting."

CSC said it will perform the work at Lackland under the direction of Wiley Hill, CSC’s local lead executive.

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