End-to-end cloud security webinar on Tuesday

Fran Howarth, a senior analyst with Bloor Research, will be explaining how controlling end users is key to a successful cloud security strategy, detailing the advantages that the cloud offers over a conventional IT platform.

These advantages, she will explain, include a subscription (opex) rather than a capex requirement, and the ability to scale usage up or down as and when required.

Joining Fran on the podium will be Richard Walters, CTO with Overtis, the sponsor of the event, who will explain how the move to the cloud needs to be viewed against the backdrop of increased security risk and a loss of direct control.

It's not all bad news however, as the clear economic imperative that the cloud engenders can be leveraged to allow an effective cloud security strategy to be developed without breaking the bank.

Tuesday's webinar - entitled `developing end-to-end security in the cloud - will be moderated by Infosecurity's technical editor Steve Gold, who will be hosting a live question and answer session in the final segment of the 60-minute event.

This will allow attendees to quiz the presenters on the topic in hand, and gain access to the pane's pool of experience.

Please register here for what promises to be an entertaining and insightful online event...

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