Free Thursday webinar on defending your data against leaks and incursions

It's against this backdrop that Infosecurity is hosting a free 60-minute webinar this Thursday afternoon that will details the DLP problems that organisations face on today's malware and hacker-infested Internet.

Along the way Nigel Stanley, a security practice leader with Bloor Research will explain the difference between incompetent and competent attack vectors, as well as how lost or stolen data can be so very useful when it falls into the wrong hands.

ID theft, Nigel will explain, is a rising problem on today's internet and the Bloor Research analyst will explain some of the strategies that IT managers should follow to defend their digital assets.

Alongside Nigel will be Derek Christie, a security solution consultant with Axway, the sponsor of the event, who will look at the scope and business issues that should be associated with DLP.

Derek will also detail the top five best DLP practices that attendees should consider, as well as the questions to ask a security vendor when considering a modern DLP system.

Join us for this interesting and insightful webinar - Defending your data in the modern corporate environment - by registering for the event here.

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