Imperva Acquires Prevoty, Enhances App Security

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In an effort to deliver more robust application and data security solutions that protect enterprises against attacks from cyber-criminals, California-based Imperva Inc. announced that it will acquire the Los Angeles-based application security company Prevoty. The deal, which is expected to close in Q3 2018, has an estimated value of $140m. The Prevoty office will become an Imperva location.

Five years into its journey to deliver application protection to enterprises, Prevoty drew Imperva's attention with its Autonomous Application Protection (AAP) product, which Imperva states will extend its ability to deliver end-to-end application services from the network edge all the way down to within the applications themselves, protecting not only the applications but also the various databases where data is stored.

"The acquisition is expected to advance our hybrid security strategy and further our mission to deliver best-in-class cybersecurity solutions," said Chris Hylen, president and CEO of Imperva, in the press release. With the additional functionality of AAP, Imperva said it will deliver increased visibility into how applications are accessed to see what is happening within the application, thereby enhancing application services both on-premise and in the cloud.

In an email delivered to Prevoty’s employees, CEO Julien Bellanger wrote, “When we first started, Kunal and I believed in the mission of revolutionizing application security by adding protection and visibility to every piece of production software. We are well on our way there from a product perspective and market traction but not yet at the scale we were dreaming about.  Becoming part of Imperva will help us reach our goals at a different scale and pace.”

Bellanger called the acquisition a milestone in his vision for Prevoty, which he co-founded in 2013, adding that the board and the executive team are excited about the opportunity to join Imperva, who has offered continued employment opportunities to Prevoty employees.

"Our team is excited to join Imperva, a company with a long track record of cybersecurity leadership and innovation,” Bellanger said in the press release. "We believe that the combination of our solutions with Imperva's portfolio of products will allow us to jointly create the gold standard in technology for application and data protection for organizations everywhere."

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