Microsoft and secunet Team Up on Secure Tablet

Photo credit: Canadapanda/
Photo credit: Canadapanda/

With secunet’s SINA, the Surface Pro 2 tablet can become a highly secure and mobile workstation. The jointly realized tablet PC includes the same security mechanisms that are also used with the SINA Workstation Notebook, and has been approved for high-security environments.

The secunet SINA Tablet is based on the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, which has an Intel Core i5 x86 processor and enables all the applications of a PC on a tablet. It is therefore an ideal platform, secunet asserts, for the SINA OS, which uses the guest operating system Microsoft Windows 8 for virtualization.

The SINA Tablet from secunet comes with verified functions, including full hard-disk encryption, virtualization, encrypted communication (VPN), IP telephony and secure authentication – turning the device into a highly secure workstation.

Microsoft Windows environments, Microsoft applications and SINA components are part of the standard set-up used by many authorities and companies and enable simple integration of the secure SINA Tablet. According to secunet, administrators and users benefit in equal measure from the simple management and operation of the devices while enjoying a level of security that is unprecedented for this device class.

Through the use of Microsoft Windows 8 as the guest operating system, alongside SINA protection, the entire application environment is retained. The flexibility of Microsoft’s Surface 2 as a desktop, notebook and tablet permits users to maintain only one device. All data is continuously protected, secunet maintains, and the user is provided with an identical view of the workstation and applications. In addition, this avoids error-prone synchronization of data and documents between different devices.

Complementing the SINA Workstation Notebook, secunet says the SINA Tablet will be another highly secure device to fulfil customer demands in terms of mobility and high security. As with other SINA Workstation workplaces approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security, it offers all the advantages of multi-level and multi-session functionality and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, the company added. Furthermore, the system provides specific SINA applications that enable, for example, secured IP telephony or Microsoft Lync video conferences.

The technological foundation for the SINA Tablet innovation is the all-new SINA Workstation 3.1.

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