Minimal Techno DJ Arrested in Berlin on Cybercrime Charges

DJ and music producer Denis Kaznacheev has been arrested in Berlin on cyber-crime charges at the request of the US government.

Long-term Berlin resident Kaznacheev is co-founder of Nervmusic records and half of minimal techno duo Easy Changes, who have amassed a sizable following since 2007 with releases on Grow Vinyl, Sleep Is Commercial, FoundSound, and Arma. 

The United States has accused Siberian-born Kaznacheev of "money laundering and dark web activities," according to a post on his Facebook page. German police detained the musician on May 30 on behalf of the US Department of Justice, which is seeking his extradition to America. 

Kaznacheev's manager confirmed to Trommel that the musician is currently being held in Berlin's Moabit prison.

Supporters of Kaznacheev relayed the following message from the musician on social media: "Make noise! I am innocent here. Please get me out of here! Everybody, I need your help! Please help me!"

petition has been started to secure the release of the DJ, whose supporters believe has become embroiled in a case of mistaken identity.

In a June 6 Facebook post, a supporter wrote: "We stand by Denis's innocence, and chances are his identity was stolen and used for criminal activities.

"Germany should stand by Denis's innocence and fair civil treatment, and defend him to avoid extradition, as so far, there's no proof that he is guilty of any of the charges. The USA can't unlawfully arrest and destroy the life of a person without evidence."

A GoFundMe page set up to help pay for the artist's legal costs has so far raised €7,982 out of a €10,000 goal.

Donor Bruno Santos wrote: "Denis is a humble, hard-working person and a friend. He's also an admired artist all around the world. This whole thing seems like a terrible mistake, and he needs our support."

Kaznacheev's artist agency has set up a Justice for Denis website through which supporters can sign the petition and make a donation. Supporters have been asked to send letters or postcards to the musician at Moabit prison to keep up his spirits as he waits for his fate to be determined. 

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