Muslim Hacktivists Declare All-Out Cyber-War on ISIS

A group of conscientious Muslim hackers is planning all-out cyber-war on ISIS.

The hacktivist group known as Di5s3nSi0N said that it will attempt to “wipe them off the internet” on November 17, which is Friday, by attacking all ISIS-related websites and servers in an offensive that it’s calling #SilenceTheSwords.

Di5s3nSi0N has already exposed an ISIS mailing list after carrying out cyberattacks against ISIS’s Amaq news agency’s website. The list has 2,000 email subscribers listed, and is no doubt of great interest to Western intelligence agencies.

The group tweeted: “Challenge complete—too easy! 2000 email subscribers hacked from Amaq... What is next?? #silencetheswords #AMAQ #opisis #IslamicState #Hacked.”

This isn’t the first time the jihadist terrorist group has been targeted with data exfiltration attempts. Last year, a USB stick containing information on 22,000 ISIS recruits, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, places of birth and sponsors into the organization, was sent to Sky News.

For its part, Di5s3nSi0N identifies as Sunni Muslim—a denomination of Islam that has often clashed with Shi’ite Muslims, including literally in Iraq and metaphorically with nations such as Iran. It refers to itself as “the steadfast youth of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.” ISIS also claims to be Sunni—a statement that angers many mainstream Sunnis (and Muslims at large).

“Daesh stained our streets and fields red from our martyrs,” the group tweeted last week. “The tears of the ummah will wash them clean. And we wash them from their internet hiding places! Our vengeance will be on 17.11.17.”

And: “Allah send the khawarij your punishment by our hands. As the arms of our brothers have made dust of you, we make history from your pixels haha.”

It also tweeted: "As your failed evil Khalifate gets wiped off the map we will wipe you off the internet. Watch this space!!!"

ISIS has made extensive use of the internet and social media as a recruitment avenue, as well as a tool for spreading propaganda and various messages of hate.

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