National Cyber League Registration Opens for 2020

Registration opened for the National Cyber League (NCL) Spring Season this week.

The NCL is a biannual cybersecurity competition for high school and college students aimed at training and mentoring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

The NCL invites students from across the US to compete in a virtual cybersecurity competition, consisting of a series of challenges that allow participants to demonstrate their ability to identify hackers from forensic data, break into vulnerable websites, recover from ransomware attacks and more.

Players of all levels are encouraged to participate, and the NCL gives those taking part the opportunity the prepare for careers in cybersecurity and potentially real-life situations, build their skillset and gain a scouting report on their performance for potential hiring purposes.

“Our job at NCL is to give participants the best cybersecurity competition experience. We are the most inclusive, performance-based, learning-centered collegiate cybersecurity competition today,” says NCL commissioner, Dan Manson.

In 2019, more than 10,000 players competed in the NCL. Registration for the Spring 2020 season is open until March 20.

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