NCA Touts for New Recruits to Cyber Crime Unit

UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) is on the lookout for new recruits to its cyber crime division, even if they haven’t worked before as an investigator.

The National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), which focuses on serious and organized hi-tech crime, needs new officers with a range of skills including software development, network engineering, digital forensics and online investigation.

Many of these roles are open to applicants irrespective of their professional background, it said.

“We want to hear from people with the skills, adaptability and can-do mindset required to help keep the UK’s public and businesses safer,” said NCCU director Jamie Saunders, in a statement.

“This is fast-paced, challenging work impacting millions of people, and successful candidates will use and develop their knowledge at the leading edge of crime fighting.”

Many of the roles require not just hardcore tecchie skills – such as turning data into operational intelligence or building new data analysis tools – but also producing statements for the courts which are able to translate complex technical jargon into layman’s terms.

The salaries on offer – ranging from just £24,717 to £52,000 depending on qualifications and experience – may put some applicants off when compared with private sector opportunities.

However, Brian Honan, independent security consultant and advisor to Europol’s European Cybercrime Center (EC3), argued that the NCA could actually offer “a lot of other opportunities” for infosec professionals.

“Firstly they are probably one of the very few roles where your skills can have a direct impact against those criminals who prey on others. Secondly many of the jobs will present lots of technical challenges which many will find worthwhile,” he told Infosecurity.

“And also having worked in such roles can provide an excellent boost in their later career should they decide to move into the private sector. If money is the sole motive for someone to get involved in security then they may soon become disillusioned with the industry no matter where they get a job.”

Applications are open now until November 10 with more information available here

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