Pro WikiLeaks hacker group’s DDoS tool downloads top 40,000

Imperva said there were three versions of the denial of service tool that members have been able to use:

  • Manual
  • Server controlled
  • Javascript version with no download

Amichai Schulman, chief technology officer at Imperva, said, "The tool was originally developed as an open-source network stress-testing tool. It was recently tweaked to include a central command-and-control module".

"Operation Payback's ability to challenge serious sites and do that simultaneously is very much coupled to the introduction of the new version with its [command-and-control] capabilities", he added.

"My speculation is that due to the substantial increase in downloads, it is highly likely this is no longer just a social movement, but also a technical movement like a botnet", Schulman concluded.

The top 10 countries for downloads of the DDoS tool are:

Country Downloads
US  9779
UK  3185
Germany  1963
Netherlands  1680
Canada  1488
France  1468
Spain  1364
Poland  1309
Russia  1243
Source: Imperva


This story was first published by Computer Weekly

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