San Antonio is the most likely US city to be digitally duped, survey finds

Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Detroit, Denver, Washington, and Sacramento round out the top 10 cities that are at the highest risk of digital fraud, according to a survey of 8,000 consumers in 35 US cities conducted by Research Now on behalf of AVG Technologies.

A full 40% of US consumers surveyed did not use a password on their mobile devices. Of those who did use a password, 34% had not changed their password in the past year. In addition, 75% of consumers did not take active measures to back up their mobile phone’s data.

At home, consumers are no better in terms of information security. Around 23% did not back up data on their PCs, 38% admit to sharing online passwords with a least one other person, 41% never run a manual anti-virus scan, and 67% did not use an identity monitoring service.

In terms of online shopping and banking, the survey found the 55% of consumers use two or fewer credit/debit cards each month for online purchases and more than 72% are checking their online banking accounts at least once per week for errors.

In addition to a high level of caution around personal finances online, 72% also claim to have never been fooled by an email phishing scam within the past year.

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