Stonebranch introduces cloud-based secure file transfer service

According to the communications and IT security firm Stonebranch, Scribbos uses the most advanced security technology currently available to protect information from being compromised.

Wolfgang Bothe, Stonebranch's CEO, said that Scribbos is a cure for every business professional's nightmare - compromised information.

"When your data is vulnerable, your business is vulnerable. The unrivalled flexibility that Scribbos provides is a tremendous competitive advantage for individuals and businesses of all sizes that require secure communications", he said.

According to Bothe, Scribbos is the only communications system of its type to be deployed on an SaaS basis.

Scribbos can also be used on an on-premise basis, or as a mobile application on the Apple iPhone platform for secure file transfer.

Stonebranch said that, whether it is deployed to individual users or on an enterprise-wide basis - from security across the entire data centre to mobile platforms - Scribbos scales to meet users' needs without the need for extra training.

Stonebranch added that Scribbos can help boost regulatory compliance in some organisations, as it offers better control over tracking, monitoring and auditing, helping to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Scribbos, which is available internationally, costs from US$14.95 a month for 5 GB of online storage, rising to US$42.95 a month for up to five users and 25 GB of total storage.

A 14-day free trial of Scribbos is available for single users on the entry level service. Corporate services are also available.

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