Taiwan could see 8% growth in information security market

The economy of Taiwan depends on ecommerce; as a result, information security threats like exposure of confidential data, as well as modification or destruction of data, have become increasingly common, the report said.

To safeguard against these threats, the study predicts that consumers and businesses in Taiwan will buy more information security products to protect their systems.

The report predicted that the need for internet-related information security will stimulate demand for e-mail security products. In addition, the markets for anti-virus, encryption, content and web filtering, authorization, firewalls, virtual private network, security assessment, intrusion detection, and data loss prevention are expected to surge in the near future.

As an indication of this growth, Taiwan-based Trend Micro announced the launch of Android-based information protection software at Hami Apps, Chughwa Telecom’s online store for Android applications.

The information protection software is in beta testing and is only available in English currently. A Chinese-language version will be available when the software is formally launched at the end of 2010, the company said.

While the domestic market is expected to grow, Taiwan’s information security industry faces various difficulties in exports sales, including bottlenecks that restrict exports, according to the RNCOS report.

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