Top Secret: secunet delivers sophisticated IT security solutions

The Essen-based firm not only keeps IT infrastructures secure for its customers, but also achieves intelligent process optimization and creates sustainable added value. More than 300 experts are employed by secunet, who focus on issues such as e-government, business security, automotive security and cryptography. The company’s flagship product line, SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture), has been one of the standard encryption solutions deployed by the German federal government.

SINA enables the protected processing, storage, transfer and full audit trail of classified, as well as other sensitive data, across open networks. Using SINA means that the information cannot be read, manipulated or redirected at any time, because the entire data stream is encrypted during transfer. It can use all IP-enabled communication channels, including the internet, leased lines or satellite. This makes it suitable even for use in areas with poor provider infrastructure or under extreme climatic conditions. The portfolio comprises various SINA clients, gateways and link encryptors, as well as the SINA Management.

As a VPN gateway, the SINA L3 Box is a core component of the central IT infrastructure in ‘classified’-level networks. It connects private networks belonging to public authorities or companies via public networks – the internet in particular.

SINA Management allows for flexible configuration of the network’s individual SINA components. The management system can be installed either on a SINA Management PC – stand alone – or installed, hierarchized and distributed, on several servers.

The SINA Workstation is a fat client with a cryptographic file system and IPSec-protected communication. Protected by a VPN tunnel, the SINA Workstation communicates with server areas or terminal server areas and can be used as both a mobile or stationary client. Users can work anytime securely and conveniently at the office or away from it.

The SINA Workflow system solution ensures a secure, consistent and compliant implementation of specific business processes involving classified information. SINA Workflow applies as soon as the data is generated and stays with the process right up to document destruction.

More than 30,000 SINA components have been successfully deployed by national and international customers, such as the German Air Force, the German Federal Foreign Office, and private companies handling classified information or that operate critical infrastructure. Many foreign ministries have entrusted their IT security to secunet to secure their globally distributed diplomatic corps.

SINA was developed in co-operation with the German Federal Office of Information Security for the highest security requirements, in addition to German national and international ministries, public authorities, armed forces and private industry. Selected SINA components are approved for processing and transmitting classified documents up to and including the classification levels ‘Top Secret’, ‘NATO Secret’, and ‘Secret UE’.

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