Photo of Jerry Nguyen

Jerry Nguyen

director of threat intelligence and rapid response, Nuspire

An accomplished leader, and innovator in cyber security, incident response and threat management with a proven track record of success. Jerry has performed executive consulting, breach investigations, and assessment work across the globe for in a wide variety of industries including finance, insurance, healthcare, education, intelligence community, retail, government and many other organizations in the fortune 500. Jerry has used his cyber security and business acumen to build industry respected consulting teams and offerings. Jerry had a career in the US Marine Corp specializing in both physical and information security. On his last tour he led the Marine Corp Computer Emergency Response Team. Jerry’s leadership skills and business acumen enabled him to lead Herjavec Group’s Threat Management & Incident Response team with accountability for HG’s Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Vulnerability Management Services. His efforts drove innovative and collaborative content development between the Professional Services and Managed Services teams. Jerry’s last role was leading King & Union’s Threat Intel and Professional Services team.

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