In an Uncertain Era of Brexit and GDPR, What is the Best Approach for Protected Data Transfers?

As if things weren’t complicated enough with the European Court ruling that the US ‘Safe Harbor’ data sharing pact was invalid, the issues with its replacement Privacy Shield and the General Data Protection Regulation still being somewhat nebulous in its specifics, now companies operating across US, UK and EU boundaries have to consider the implications of Brexit and what it means for data transfers.

Given that the services industries make up such a large portion of the affected countries’ economies, it would be reasonable to assume that data sharing will be accommodated through regulation as political matters resolve themselves. The best course of action in the meanwhile is to adhere to best practices of file transfer security and data protection.

In this webinar we will discuss potential outcomes and time horizons with regards to data sharing regulations and considerations for companies currently involved in data sharing.


Photo of Richard Allen

Richard Allen

VP of Security Products, Ipswitch

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Michael Hill

Former Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

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