Brexit, EU GDPR and Privacy: What Should You Do Now?

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With the EU GDPR due to be implemented in 2018, organizations are gearing up to ensure compliance. However, the UK EU Referendum at the end of June has created uncertainty about the future. So what should information security professionals be doing now to position their organization to cope with all eventualities? And will Brexit have any impact at all on the adoption of the EU GDPR in the UK?

This panel will discuss the likely future of the regulation in the UK and provide advice on the steps organizations should be taking now to protect their data and ensure compliance.

  • Understand the possible implications of Brexit for the EU GDPR and data protection in the UK
  • Review the requirements of the EU GDPR – is your organization ready? if not, how can you ensure it is?
  • Identify the key steps to manage and control data within your organization
  • Evaluate strategies to comply with regulations and security
  • Discover how to manage data privacy across international boundaries and domains.


Photo of Michael Hill

Michael Hill

Former Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

Photo of Raj Samani

Raj Samani

Chief Scientist and McAfee Fellow, McAfee

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