How to Understand, Manage and Control the Challenge of Privileged Access

Two of the main hurdles companies face in managing privileged access is a lack of visibility and a lack of control. Traditionally, privileged access to systems has been a right of those who need to maintain or support IT infrastructure. However, with more systems and data in businesses there are now more privileged users than ever. As these systems may contain sensitive or personal information better security and auditing of this kind of activity is absolutely essential.

Having control over privileged access to your network is a key element in protecting your data. It not only helps to prevent damage caused by malicious insiders or accidental data loss but also, with so many companies using external service providers that have access to internal systems, it provides vital insight into how they manage and use it.

In this webinar find out what the key success factors are for implementing good privileged access and monitoring user activity to help keep your data safe including:

  • How to control privileged access to your network
  • How to prevent damage caused by malicious insiders or accidental data loss
  • Gain insight into how external service providers manage and use your data


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