Preparing For the GDPR Without Feeling The Pinch

Within the next two years, the European Union proposes to create a new, single data protection law for all 28 member states.

The new law – called the General Data Protection Regulation – not only harmonizes data protection across the EU. It will also bring in a number of key, new measures including the Right to Be Forgotten, compulsory breach disclosure, and new penalties for data loss.

And the new rules affect not just European companies, but anyone doing business in Europe. And new research shows that businesses are far from ready for the change. 

In a September 2015 survey of IT professionals, over two thirds conceded that keeping up to date with changing data protection regulatory requirements was a financial burden on their business. Nearly three-quarter of British businesses feel most strongly about this, compared with 66% in France and 61% in Germany. Over two-thirds of IT professionals believed they will need to invest in new technologies and services to help them prepare for the impact of GDPR.  Three-fifths think they will both need to invest in encryption technologies, and in analytic and reporting technologies. Just over half plan to invest in perimeter security technologies and 42% in file sharing technologies.

In this webinar we will:

  • Examine the key provisions of the GDPR
  • Assess how the GDPR impacts the way data is protected, stored and moved
  • Provide practical tips for IT professionals to ensure compliance with the new regulation 
  • And investigate how technology can protect data transfers and ensure compliance.

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Photo of Callum Budd

Callum Budd

Project Manager, Vanson Bourne

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Paul Castiglione

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Ipswitch

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Kuan Hon

Consultant lawyer, Pinsent Masons

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Joe O'Halloran

Editor In Chief, Rapid TV News

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