Cyber Security for Energy and Utilities Summit

Join us at Cyber Security for Energy and Utilities Summit taking place in Oman from 18-21 October 2015 to gain insights into transforming cyber security into a business process and adopting holistic cyber security solutions to achieve network resilience.

Why attend?

  • Examine the latest technologies for tackling Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and Advanced Volatile Threats (AVT)
  • Find out how to protect your SCADA, M2M, ICS and DCS networks from new threats introduced by cloud computing, mobility and outsourced security features
  • Learn about incident handling, business continuity management, risk management and cyber forensics to enable network resilience
  • Evaluate the latest cloud computing approaches to ensure availability and resilience for your data
  • Assess the latest mobile device security policies that will allow you to manage access control whilst retaining a flexible approach to new technologies
  • Discuss communication requirements for the region’s smart grids and smart cities to ensure full functionality and a secure network
  • Hear best practices in complying to ISO 27001 and other cyber security governance frameworks in order to help you achieve an integrated business process
  • Review a range of secure (scalable, redundant, durable) technologies and software to select a solution which fits your network requirements

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