500 000 good reasons to attend Friday's data leak prevention webinar

Sources suggest that the ICO has been quietly beefing up its audit staffing levels in the wake of the penalty increase, which is why Infosecurity is pleased to announced a webinar on the subject will be taking place this coming Friday morning.

Sponsored by Check Point Software Technologies, and entitled 'data leak prevention - strategy and best practice explained,' the event promises to provide attendees with a 60 minute run-down on the problems, and solutions, facing today's IT security professionals.

Heading up the presentation will be Ben Chai, a leading IT security analyst and founding director of Incoming Thought Limited.

Ben has been a marketing and technical director of a number of successful ventures such as QED Training Limited, and will be giving his authoritative view on the problems the ICO penalties have created for IT security professionals across the UK.

Joining Ben will be Derek Middlemiss, a ten year veteran of the IT security engineering space, who will be explaining the sponsor's view of the issues raised on this interesting subject.

Rounding out the team will be Steve Gold, Infosecurity's technical editor, who will be moderating the event, as well as assisting Ben and Derek in answering attendee's questions.

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