Aladdin announces web 2.0 security enhancement

The enhancement to the internet content security application is billed as the first of its type to offer advanced web 2.0 application controls.

Whilst several security applications control access to web 2.0 portals, the new version of eSafe is billed as the first to control specific functions within the sites.

The facility is driven by a new version of AppliFilter, which Aladdin says can now control individual features on Facebook such as `add a friend' or LinkedIn's huddle workspace facility.

This allows company employees to access web 2.0 sites, the company claims, but also allows employers to control what actions they undertake on the portals.

According to Aladdin, as much as 85% of malware is distributed via web 2.0 applications. The new version of eSafe, says the firm, allows companies to empower and enhance certain business processes, balanced against the risks commonly associated with unrestricted access.

Ofer Elzam, the firm's chief technology officer, says that employers understand that social networking sites can be a useful business tool, but many of the functions within them can decrease productivity and increase security risks to data and identities.

Until now, he explained, the choices for controlling these sites have been limited to either absolute blocking or allowing of the site.

Elzam went on to say that the latest eSafe AppliFilter update gives organisations the power to manage and control their employees' access to specific aspects of web 2.0 applications.

This, in turn, he says, allows them to minimise unnecessary risk and improve productivity, while still capitalising on the business and collaborative value these sites can bring.

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