BigFix podcasts talk about security compliance issues, Black Hat and Defcon

Russell gives an interesting set of reports on the recent Black Hat and Defcon security events in Las Vegas, as well as talking about Johnny Long's `Hackers for Charities' talks at the shows.

According to Russell, Long has moved his family to Uganda and in the last weeks has set up computer classrooms in the country, as well as attracting the support of the Uganda Ministry of Energy.

Bigfix reports that its podcasts are gaining an increasing audience, mainly due to its general IT approach to reporting - with no sales pitches, which is a refreshing change, Infosecurity notes.

In the latest (August 12) podcast, Russell says Long's business relationships stem from personal relationships in Uganda, where IT is still very much in its infancy.

"Relatively speaking, Johnny has been accomplishing a lot with very little money," he said, adding that one Ugandan IT worker, Fred, has taught himself to repair laptops - not for money, but so he can work on the laptops after he has repaired them.

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