Fired US Cybersecurity Chief Considers Legal Action

The former head of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has hinted that he may take legal action against a lawyer who called him "a moron."

Christopher Krebs was fired last month by President Donald Trump via the social networking site Twitter after CISA's Rumor Control blog published a piece that suggested fraud was highly unlikely to have occurred in the United States' 2020 presidential election. 

Trump campaign lawyer Joe DiGenova said in an interview on Monday that Krebs “is a class A moron. He should be drawn and quartered. Taken out at dawn and shot."

DiGenova made the comments during an interview with radio talk show host Howie Carr. Carr's show airs on Newsmax.

Yesterday, on NBC's TODAY show, Krebs told host Savannah Guthrie that he viewed DiGenova's comments as "dangerous" and said that he may take legal action against the lawyer. 

“It’s certainly more dangerous language, more dangerous behavior. And the way I look at it is that we are a nation of laws, and I plan to take advantage of those laws," Krebs told Guthrie. 

"I’ve got an exceptional team of lawyers that win in court, and I think they’re probably going to be busy.”

Krebs said his legal team is currently looking at “available opportunities” to take action against DiGenova. 

Since being fired from his role at CISA, Krebs has publicly expressed his belief that Trump's campaign spread misinformation about the security of the election. 

During an interview for CBS’s 60 Minutes that aired on November 29, Krebs criticized Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani for disseminating misinformation about the election, which Krebs claims was conducted securely. 

Referring to a news conference Giuliani recently held at the Republican National Committee headquarters, Krebs said: “It was upsetting because what I saw was an apparent attempt to undermine confidence in the election, to confuse people, to scare people. It’s not me, it’s not just CISA. It’s the tens of thousands of election workers out there that had been working nonstop, 18-hour days, for months. They’re getting death threats for trying to carry out one of our core democratic institutions, an election."

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