China suffered a half million cyberattacks last year, says government

CNCERT/CC said that 14.7% of the attacks originated from the US and 8% from India, according to a report by the Xinhua news agency.

About 10% of China’s 45,000 government websites were targeted by hackers in 2010, up 67.6% from a year earlier, according to the CNCERT/CC report.

A majority of the attacks were from malicious trojans used by hackers to gain access to target computers, said Zhou Yonglin, head of CNCERT/CC’s operation and management department.

In an apparent jab at reports that China is the source of numerous international cyberattacks, Zhou said, "We cannot say for certain that the hackers were located abroad simply because their Internet Protocol addresses (IPs) were located in other countries. Likewise, we cannot say that 'Chinese' hackers are actually in China simply because their IPs are located in China."

China has been implicated in numerous high-profile cyberattacks against major US and European companies and governments. For example, China has been fingered as being behind the hack of RSA's SecureID database, Operation Aurora that stole intellectual property from Google, and the Night Dragon attacks on oil, gas, and energy companies.

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