Cloudmark takes issue with Ofcom

“Among internet users,” states Ofcom’s report, “there have been significant decreases in levels of concern since 2005, and some decrease for TV viewers. Concerns about mobile are at relatively low levels. Concerns about offensive/illegal content online have reduced since 2009.”

But this contradicts the findings of Cloudmark’s 'Connected Communications' study, also published last month, claims Jacinta Tobin, the company’s chief marketing officer. Cloudmark found that 19% of users view SMS as being  less secure than a year ago; that over half do not have sufficient trust in the security of mobile devices to pay for goods and services; that trust in social networking platforms is declining; and almost half (45%) of users have less trust in email security than 12 months ago.

“Although 79% of those surveyed responded they would access the Internet from any device,” said Tobin, “our research clearly demonstrates that Britons most definitely do not trust the devices from which they access online communities and communication channels.” She is concerned that Ofcom’s findings are simply indicative of the growing popularity of mobile devices and general public consensus that we can no longer live without being always connected; and that they should not be taken to indicate trust in the internet. 

“If the potential of the channel as a platform for engaging consumers with value added services is to be maximized,” she added, “it is vital that a high level of trustworthiness is restored.”

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