Codenomicon scoops up Clarified Networks

Clarified Networks, which has just 10 staff, has been carving a name for itself for its 'situational awareness' approach to IT security monitoring.

This approach has allowed the firm to develop visualizations of security incidents, which then assist investigators and other interested parties in preventing a recurrence, Infosecurity notes.

According to Codenomicon, the acquisition is in response to increased demand from the government and defence sectors, and expands the firm's solutions for system analysis and situational awareness.

David Chartier, Codenomicon's CEO, said that both firms have previously co-operated on a number of projects.

"The acquisition is a logical step for Codenomicon, as it extends our solutions offering, significantly increases our revenue and brings us to Clarified Networks' customers, quickly taking us to new markets", he said.

Codenomicon, which exhibited at last month's Infosecurity Europe show, is perhaps best known for its security fuzzing tools which are billed as data mining large volumes of information in order to detect previously unreported zero-day vulnerabilities.

Interestingly, Codenomicon says that its link with Clarified Networks dates back to 2001, with both firms having roots in the Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG), a Finnish research group set up to study, evaluate and develop methods for implementing and testing application and system software.

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