Congress concerns over China cyberwarefare program

The Panel's conclusions, issued late last week, were swiftly rejected by the Chinese government, however the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission has stood by its conclusions.

The Commission claims that China's current cyberattack systems are sufficiently advanced that the US may be unable to counteract - or even detect - the efforts.

The Commission also claims that China may be actively supporting more than 250 hacker groups who are aiming their unwanted attentions at public and private sector computer servers across the US.

The 393-page report criticized Beijing's "heavy-handed government control" over its economy and its "continuing arms sales and military support to rogue regimes" such as Sudan, Myanmar (Burma) and Iran.

The cyberwarfare problems seem to stem from the allegation that several of China's space programmes have potential military uses.

As a result of its findings, the Commission has made 45 recommendations to Congress including possible "additional funding for military, intelligence and homeland security programmes that monitor and protect critical American computer networks".

China has moved swiftly to denounce the report findings, claiming that they are not worthing of a rebuttal.

The Commission, says the Chinese Foreign Ministry, "deliberately slanders and attacks China" and always sees it in a bad light.

In a prepared statement issued late Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry advises the Commission to change its course, stop issuing reports of this kind, and stop interfering with China's internal affairs.

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