Dark Web Information Makes Way into Threat Intel

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Cyber-threat intelligence specialist IID is bringing deep- and dark-web information into its intelligence platform.

Through a partnership with Flashpoint, IID’s big data solution, ActiveTrust, will wrap in intelligence cultivated from the areas on the Internet where mainstream search engines are unable to penetrate. This “unindexed” data will be available from within the ActiveTrust dashboard.

“Our data from the deep and dark web [sources] enable security professionals to peer into previously opaque areas of the Internet for actionable intelligence,” said Flashpoint CEO Josh Lefkowitz, in a statement. “By incorporating Flashpoint’s data into the ActiveTrust cyber-threat data exchange, we are empowering the Fortune 500 companies and government agencies that rely on IID to gain new insights and improve situational awareness from intelligence gleaned from the parts of the Internet typically outside of their reach.”

The dark web community is ground zero for threatening communities active in all manner of nefarious activities—from terrorists to cyber-criminals. And once data is lifted in breaches like those that have affected Target, Home Depot, Sony and others recently, it can be disseminated across five continents within days via these channels.

Bitglass recently generated several thousand real-looking sets of personal data including names, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and credit card details and saved them in an Excel spreadsheet to create the “world’s first A/B test for stolen credit card numbers on the dark web.” The experiment found that the data had reached over five countries and three continents in just a few days. Within 12 days it had been viewed over 1,000 times in 22 countries on five continents.

The idea for the data addition is to enable organizations to discover meaningful data in order to understand their adversaries more comprehensively and mitigate looming threats. 

“Flashpoint’s deep and dark web data will be essential to ensuring ActiveTrust customers don’t come under attack from threats that many sensors may miss,” said IID CEO, Lars Harvey. “It’s exciting to add such a unique data source that increases the robustness of our data.”

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