Dr. Larry Ponemon to present at Infosecurity webinar next Tuesday

Infosecurity is pleased to report that Dr. Larry Ponemon, the chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute - along with Brian Tokuyoshi, senior product marketing manager with Symantec - will be presenting at this Tuesday afternoon's webinar, entitled `Understanding the real cost of a data breach.'

During the event, Dr, Ponemon will be giving us his views on the real costs of data breaches, an area that he and his team have been reporting on for several years.

In his presentation, which builds upon his just-published report that analyses 38 major breaches across UK organisations, he will explain the direct and indirect costs of a breach, comparing and contrasting the fall-out in several areas.

Along the way, he will also explain the differences between third-party, malicious and systems failure-induced breaches, and helping attendees to better understand the nature of this modern day IT problem - as well as assisting them in avoiding and remediating the issue.

Joining Dr. Ponemon will be Brian Tokuyoshi of Symantec, the sponsor of the event, who will be detailing some of the strategies needed to prevent your organisation becoming just another data breach statistic.

This is a rare opportunity for IT professionals - from the comfort of their own desks - to listen to a panel of the top security professionals in their field, as well as the chance to pose your own security questions of the panel, which will be moderated by Infosecurity's technical editor, Steve Gold.

Please register here for Tuesday afternoon's webinar: Understanding the real cost of a data breach.'

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