EiQ Networks unwraps new ‘proactive’ cyber defense monitoring

ThreatVue is the moniker given to EiQ Networks’ newest offering, and the firm said it’s “the first out-of-the-box security monitoring solution that automates the implementation, analysis and remediation guidance” for cyber defense that incorporates the essential security controls recommended by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the SANS Institute. 

Combining traditional security information and event monitoring (SIEM) with other forms of critical security data, EiQ Networks said ThreatVue takes a proactive approach to detecting possible security control failures and provides “actionable guidance and answers to improve an organization’s cyber defenses and overall security posture”.

“ThreatVue enables customers to easily answers questions such as what nodes, users and network activities are not aligned with security best practices, and what should they do to fix potential problem areas,” said Vijay Basani, CEO of EiQ Networks, in a press release statement. “ThreatVue addresses deployment and operational complexities, costs and other headaches associated with SIEM and security monitoring products on the market today.”

Commenting on the new offering, Jon Oltsik of IT analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group noted: “SANS Critical Security Controls is an extremely focused, metrics-based strategy for addressing the most common security vulnerabilities”. The senior analyst added, “reliance on manual assessment, response, and mitigation has contributed to the poor state of cybersecurity. With the incidents of cybercrimes on the rise, organizations should use guidelines like the SANS Critical Security Controls to help them automate processes and address IT risk.”

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