ESET Launches Two-Factor One-Time Password Authentication System

ESET Secure Authentication works with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and 8, Windows Mobile and J2ME-based phones. The product also supports authentication based on SMS messages, supporting older mobile phones unable to run the application.

“ESET extends its product portfolio in the field of IT security to enhance its business products offering. Apart from its current Endpoint Solutions, it would like to focus on the increasingly needed solutions dealing with securing small and medium businesses’ assets and know-how. There exists a need for an easy and out-of-the box solution for SMBs not wanting to invest into costly hardware 2FA or not interested in deploying of a complicated solution,” says Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “The product, with minimal operational impact, no cumbersome hardware and deep integration with existing tools, will fill in the market gap and provide exactly what the SMBs need,” he adds.

ESET Secure Authentication is an addition to ESET’s portfolio protecting company data in the age of mobile technologies.

“The new ESET Secure Authentication is a crucial addition to protecting the sensitive infrastructure and data of every company. Among the many benefits is easy setup, use and management and broad mobile platform support,” says Peter Stancík, ESET IT Security Evangelist. “The new product delivering 2FA authentication is especially suitable for SMBs as an add-in to their existing Outlook Web Access/App and VPN infrastructure,” he concludes.



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