FCC sets up website to educate small businesses on cybersecurity

The website provides cybersecurity resources for small businesses, including links to US government and private sector websites and information as well as 10 cybersecurity tips.

The website recommends that small businesses train employees in security principles; protect information, computers, and networks from viruses, spyware, and other malicious code; provide firewall security for internet connections; install software updates for operating systems and applications as they become available; make backup copies of important business data; control physical access to computers and network components; secure Wi-Fi networks; require individual user accounts for each employee; limit employee access to data and limit authority to install software; and change passwords regularly.

The website was unveiled this week at a roundtable hosted by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski that included representatives from government and the private sector.

“We’ve convened this roundtable…to discuss one of the biggest challenges our country faces – both for businesses and national security: the growing threats to cybersecurity. While it is critical to secure the government and large industry from cyber threats, it is vital that cybersecurity for small business be in this equation. We’re here today to help small businesses overcome these security challenges”, Genachowski said.

Maurice Jones, chief executive of Parkinson Construction, told the roundtable that cybercriminals stole $92,000 from his company’s bank accounts. “This is a real problem for small business owners and, unfortunately, I learned the hard way”, he said.

At the roundtable, Genachowski announced that the FCC is partnering with the SCORE eBusiness Now Program to provide cybersecurity advice and expertise at SCORE events for small businesses around the country and at a cybersecurity event scheduled to be held at the FCC later this year. The agency is also working with SCORE, McAfee, Symantec, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the National Urban League to distribute the cybersecurity tip sheet to small business owners though blogs, social media, and outreach.

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