Florida International University Launches New Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Degree

Florida International University (FIU) in Miami is launching a new bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity that will prepare graduates for future careers in the sector.

The degree program, starting in the Fall of 2020, will train students for jobs in areas such as data security, systems security management and network threat analysis. Those enrolled will learn about and explore solutions for modern cybersecurity issues such as safeguarding devices, software and data from cyber-threats as well as protecting power grids from hackers.

The curriculum ties in with FIU’s master’s in cybersecurity along with the university’s other cybersecurity education and research efforts

Kenneth G. Furton, FIU provost and executive vice-president, said: “From our finances to social profiles to business enterprises and even government infrastructure, the world we live in is highly networked, resulting in an ever-growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals. We are responding to that workforce demand by educating professionals who will find innovative ways to protect these expanding networks that touch nearly every aspect of our lives.”

Students will have the opportunity to complete a capstone project on security, working collaboratively with information technology and computer science students, and engage in research through programs sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Nagarajan Prabakar, program director and associate professor in FIU’s School of Computing & Information Sciences, added that cybersecurity has become one of the most challenging tech problems of the modern world and experts are in constant pursuit of new ways to safeguard information assets.

“This program is FIU’s direct response to the increasing demand for professionals in this field. We are committed to arming our students with the knowledge and specialized skill set needed to protect us from the cyber-attacks of the future, which will increase in numbers and degree of sophistication over time.”

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