Free data leak prevention webinar on Tuesday afternoon

Entitled `The seven deadly sins of DLP: know your enemy and achieve success,' the event will feature Peter Wood, partner and chief of operations with First Base Technologies, the penetration testing specialist, and an ISACA conference committee member.

Wood will be looking at the DLP issue from a seasoned professional's standpoint and explaining some of the DLP security problems that now face IT professionals in today's constantly developing IT technology and systems arena.

In his presentation, Wood will detail all seven deadly sins of DLP from his unique viewpoint as a highly experienced IT security professional with a career dating back to the 1970s.

Joining him on the podium will be Lior Arbel, managing consultant for DLP with Websense EMEA, the sponsor of the webinar.

Arbel will look at the DLP issue from a vendor's perspective, and, along the way, explain how to tackle the complex problems of defending an organisation's data from leaking outside of that organisation's control, for whatever reason.

In his presentation, Arbel will say that data can be classified in one of three main categories – good, bad and ugly – and then detailing how to defend that data

Join us for what is sure to be an entertaining and topical webinar by registering here...

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