Free webinar: The Sad State of Password Security

This Thursday, Infosecurity will bring together three security experts to discuss the trouble with passwords. Topics for discussion will cover how they are compromised and suggest some solutions to the problem.

Face it, most people – whether at home or in the office – choose weak passwords. And even if their passwords are complex, they often use the same ones across different accounts. Hackers depend on this simple fact, and have enjoyed great success in gaining access to all types of personal and corporate data in the process.

Drew Amorosi, Infosecurity’s deputy editor, will be joined by analyst Mike Small (ISACA, KuppingerCole), Tracy Hulver (Verizon), and threat researcher Chris Boyd (GFI Software) to discuss their perspectives on the rather dismal state of password security. This will include examples of successful attacks that were the result of weak passwords, in addition to recommendations on how your organization can protect itself via alternatives to traditional passwords, user education, and/or technology solutions.

Analyst Mike Small will start off the discussion by putting passwords into the greater context of overall authentication methods. He will then be followed by Tracy Hulver, the director of products and marketing for Verizon’s Security Innovation Group. Hulver will review the pitfalls of weak passwords, as well as demonstrate how often weak passwords are involved in data breaches using data from the company’s most recent Data Breach Investigations Report. Finally, Chris Boyd of GFI software will explore specific password exploits, their pitfalls, and some possible solutions.

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