Google provides Chrome deployment tools for IT administrators

Tools include an MSI installer to enable businesses to use standard deployment tools to install Chrome for managed users. Other tools include support for managed group policy and a set of templates to allow administrators to customise browser settings for security and privacy.

"By deploying Google Chrome, organisations can take advantage of improved security and web application performance without needing to upgrade other expensive software licenses or buy new hardware. Deploying Google Chrome also gives users access to productivity-enhancing HTML5 web applications," said Glenn Wilson, Google product manager and Daniel Clifford, Google software engineer, in a blog post.

"Since Google Chrome is the same as the browser on Chrome OS, admins considering Chrome OS for their organisations can start testing their mission-critical web applications by deploying the Google Chrome browser," Wilson and Clifford continued.

Google documents provide advice on deploying Chrome. Users of Google Apps for Business can receive support for the administrative features by phone and e-mail.

This story was first published by Computer Weekly

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