India and RIM close to deal over encrypted email

According to Mint, a series of meetings took place between Indian government officials and RIM executives last week.

"They have in principle agreed to provide us recorded data from their servers. Now they have assured us that they will discuss the issue first among themselves and find a way to meet our demands. Later, they would be providing live access to BES [Blackberry Enterprise Server]," an Indian interior ministry official reportedly said, according to Reuters.

In September, India announced plans to extend its crackdown on RIM's BlackBerry services to other communication service providers, including Skype and Google.

RIM has been under increasing pressure to provide access to some of its data and has faced criticism from other countries, including Saudi Arabia and UAE. All three governments requested access to BlackBerry's encrypted corporate e-mail service and messaging services, amid fears that these could be used by terrorists.

This story was first published by Computer Weekly

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