Infosecurity Europe 2013 Hall of Fame nominations now open

For the last five years, the medal of honour of the information security world has been presented to speakers of high renown with the ‘Hall of Fame’ at Infosecurity Europe.

Voted for by fellow industry professionals the recipients of this most prestigious honour stand at the vanguard of the technological age.

Previous speakers have included some of the world’s leading thinkers in information security. To whet your appetite past winners include Professor Fred Piper, Professor Howard Schmidt, Bruce Schneier, Whitfield Diffie, Paul Dorey, Dan Kaminsky, Phil Zimmerman, Lord Erroll, Eugene Kaspersky, Charlie McMurdie, Stephen Bonner and Ed Gibson.

To view all previous speakers, along with a short biography, visit the Infosecurity website:

The 2013 Hall of Fame will be conducted in the Keynote theatre where the eventual speakers, whittled down by two stages of nominations, will address other industry professionals in what always proves to be a compelling and exhilarating event.

The conditions that must be met, to ensure that the nominees are cut above the rest, are as follows.
They must:

  • Be an internationally recognised and respected Information Security practitioner or advocate
  • Have made a clear and long-term contribution to the advancement of Information Security
  • Have provided intellectual or practical input that has shifted the advancement of Information Security
  • Be an engaging and revolutionary thought leader in Information Security

Hall of Fame speakers aim to challenge conventional thought with a mix of pragmatism and provocation.

To nominate speakers, voters can go to and make up to five nominations, accompanied by a short reason for their chosen speaker.

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