ISACA's EuroCACS conference looks to demystify the cloud

The gameplan is for the European Computer Audit, Control and Security (EuroCACS) conference to share the latest guidance on key IT security and governance issues facing enterprises today.

Hosted by ISACA, which now has more than 95,000 members worldwide, the conference will examine topics such as virtualisation, outsourcing, governance, risk and compliance, social computing, social networking and human factors, and cloud computing.

According to the association, the conference will feature 12 sessions that help attendees demystify the cloud.

Urs Fischer, a senior member of ISACA's credentials board, will examine the benefits that cloud computing can offer from the perspective of cutting costs, which is a key motivation for the migration from in-house services.

Mike Small, an information security management advisor, meanwhile, will outline the changes to identity and access management that will exist in the cloud environment.

Peter Wood, CEO of pen testing specialist First Base Technologies and a member of ISACA's conference committee, will share how to improve information security in the cloud.

Professor John Walker, managing director of Secure-Bastion Ltd, will address the challenges and risks involved in implementing cloud-based solutions in his session titled 'Cloud Computing and the Extended Perimeter: New Age Risk Management.'

Walker said he is confident that cloud-based solutions can match, and even exceed, those in place in-house today, within the areas of operational ownership, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

"Cloud computing provides opportunities of scale, with the ability to switch into and out of services as dictated by operational need", he said.

"With the appropriate governance structures in place, cloud computing can add substantial value to an enterprise by allowing for flexibility and potentially reducing costs substantially", he added.

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