John McAfee turns up in Guatemala following manhunt

The 67-year-old eccentric millionaire, who makes his official home in Belize, has crossed the border into Guatemala and, according to VICE Magazine, has shacked up in a pricey Guatemala City resort with his new lawyer, Telésforo Guerra, and his 20-year-old girlfriend Samantha Vanegas – who happens to be his lawyer’s niece.

McAfee has been on the run since being asked in for questioning regarding the death of his neighbor in Belize, the small Central American country known for its ecotourism. Fellow American ex-pat Gregory Viant Faull was found dead in his home in mid-November, a victim of a 9-mm bullet wound to the head. McAfee hasn’t been charged in the crime and insists that he is innocent in the case, but has nonetheless high-tailed it into hiding, prompting an international effort to track him down.  

As he explained to CNN, he believes the Belize government wants to kill him. He has not released many details as to his rationale beyond this staggering statement. The Belize prime minister publically called the tycoon "bonkers."

Earlier, erroneous reports based on a McAfee blog posting (since removed) had McAfee attempting to cross the border into Mexico and getting caught by authorities. But according to VICE, McAfee told Guerra, “I crossed the border into Guatemala with the reporters from VICE and your daughter [sic – the woman is Guerra’s niece]. We have passports, but we have no entry stamps into Guatemala or exit stamps from Belize. I need a lawyer, sir.”

McAfee said in his latest blog post that he is planning a press conference for Wednesday to release further details of his worldview and plans for the next steps.

McAfee, whose name will forever be synonymous with the anti-virus software, exited the eponymous company he built in the 1990s, retiring to a small island in Belize.

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