Learn about smartphone security with one of the industry's leading IT security experts

The online webinar - entitled "securing your smartphone with end point security" - seeks to dispel some of the myths surrounding smartphone usage in a company environment.

Professor Sommer is a Visiting Professor in the Information Systems Integrity Group in the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and also a Visiting Reader, Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology with the Open University.

He is one of the world's pioneers of digital evidence/computer forensics and has acted as an expert in many important criminal and civil court proceedings.

Professor Sommer will be looking at risk analysis as it applies to smartphone usage in the company environment, and, against this backdrop, explaining how to formulate an effective set of security security policies.

In his presentation, the Professor will be looking at the very real threats against smartphones - such as winCE//infojack,  Drever.B, Drever.C, Skull.F, Cabir, Commwarrior and Beselo - and how smartphones are part of the de-perimeterisation of the enterprise.

He will also explain how security policies can be created to counter this new generation of IT security threats, and how they should be implemented in a company environment.

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