Limelight and Neustar Partner to Defeat DDoS Attacks

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Neustar and Limelight have partnered to offer a distributed DDoS mitigation network.

Combining Neustar’s SiteProtect with Limelight’s content delivery network (CDN), the companies claimed that this will increase the mitigation network by ten-times the current capacity to 10 Terabits per second.

In addition, Neustar UltraDNS customers now have the increased presence of in-region mitigation centers that will allow Neustar to redirect traffic to local scrubbing centers at the edge of the network, closer to the source.

Customers’ web traffic can now be “scrubbed” and delivered locally rather than having to be backhauled to a regional scrubbing center that may be partway around the world, which reduces network latency and restores network performance more quickly and effectively.

Rodney Joffe, Neustar’s senior vice-president, distinguished engineering fellow, and head of national security, said: “The global scale and stability of the Limelight platform will enable Neustar to outpace attackers and mitigate the world’s largest DDoS attacks with unrivaled performance and minimal disruption.”

Joe DePalo, senior vice-president, technical operations at Limelight, said: “This relationship is a strong endorsement of our network strength and commitment to securely delivering internet traffic around the world. We are very pleased to partner with Neustar and believe that together we will be uniquely suited to transform the DDoS market.”

In an email to Infosecurity, Rik Turner, senior analyst at Ovum said that Limelight is a classic CDN that has only operated in that space until now. “They have long talked up their ability to do CDN services in the media and entertainment space, if my memory serves me correctly. But now, as [with] all the CDN players they see an opportunity to get into DDoS mitigation services on the volumetric side,” he said.

“My first reaction to this announcement is that it may be two smaller players in their respective markets (i.e. CDN and DDoS) coming together to jointly compete with Akamai, which is huge in both spaces already."

“I presume what they are saying about cleaning local traffic refers to the fact that Neustar can put boxes on premise to mitigate what they can there, then kick stuff up the Limelight CDN when required.”

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