Mobile end point security webinar next Tuesday

Last week saw Ericsson announce that the volume of data flowing across the the UK and Europe's cellular networks was greater for email, VPN and internet access than voice calls.

This is great news for the cellular networks and, of course, the increasingly mobile working population, but what about the security of these wireless communications and the devices being used?

This Tuesday's webinar – sponsored by Check Point Software Technologies – seeks to answer at least some of the questions that IT managers are asking.

Peter Wood, a partner with First Base Technologies and an ISACA conference committee member, will be looking at how easy it is to bypass Windows password security, as well as the increasingly common practice of pod slurping, which involves hackers downloading data from an iPod or similar mobile data device.

Daniel Horn, a senior security engineer with Check Point, meanwhile, will be looking in depth at the company's latest mobile security solution, the Abra stick.

Developed in conjunction with Sandisk, this portable secure office on a USB stick, allows users to – quite literally – carry their office computing environment, complete with data files, around in their pocket.

When plugged into a suitable host computer, the Abra allows users access to a secure working environment that also remains under control of the company's IT department.

Attendees to this 60-minute webinar will also get a chance to quiz the panel – which includes Steve Gold, Infosecurity's technical editor – on all aspects of mobile end point security.

You can register for what promises to be an educational and informative webinar here...

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