Offer to 'test' iPhone 5 is a scam

The scammers send text messages, purportedly from Apple, to mobile phone users saying that the company is looking for 1,000 people to test the new iPhone 5. And the lucky tester gets to keep the phone, according to a blog by Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant with Sophos.

All the recipient has to do is hand over personal information. “In the past, we've seen the fraudsters earn commission through the traffic they bring to an online survey, or signed-up for an expensive premium rate service. It's also easy to imagine how such a scheme could be used for stealing personal information, or gathering data that will later be used against you.”, Cluley explained.

The Sophos researcher said that the recipient of the scam offer has “close to zero chance of receiving a free smartphone” – not sure why the chance isn’t absolute zero.

Recipients should report the spam to their carrier, although the process can be complicated and varies from carrier to carrier, Cluley explained.

Scams involving iPhone 5 are popular, targeting the enthusiasm of early adopters. As reported last month by Cluley, a scam offered to give away a "free" iPhone 5 to Tumblr users. “We are happy to announce that Tumblr and Apple have joined together in a promotion to giveaway FREE iPhone 5’s to each of our users!”, the scammers enthused.

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