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Chinese hackers make off with US weapons blueprints, Australian spy HQ plans

Chinese hackers have scored two high-profile cyber-heists, according to reports: they have gained access to designs of more than two dozen major US weapons systems, while also stealing the blueprints for Australia's new spy headquarters.

Facebook Fan Page phishing scam aims to hijack accounts

A fresh phishing scam looking to capitalize on the popularity of Facebook Fan Pages has thrown a lure in using a security warning.

Cyber crime costs UK small businesses £785 million per year

Small businesses in the UK are really starting to feel the effects of cyber crime, to the tune of around £785 million per year as they fall victim to fraud and malware.

Is the Xbox One a Covert Surveillance Device?

When details about Microsoft’s new games console, the Xbox One, first began to emerge, privacy campaigners were immediately concerned: is the Xbox One an intrusive but covert surveillance device?

Terrorist murder of British soldier rekindles calls for the Communications Data Bill

Following the horrific murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, London, last week, there have been new calls for the stalled Communications Data Bill to be driven through parliament.

Sky Apps hacked – but not the apps themselves

Sky’s Android users may have woken on Sunday morning to headlines screaming ‘Sky UK Apps Compromised on Play Store, Uninstall Them!’ But don’t be too hasty.

New Android trojan can thwart two-factor authentication

Mobile malware is cresting as it never has in the past, with new bugs being developed at breakneck speed. One of these, a new version of the Pincer trojan for Android that can intercept inbound text messages and forward them on, can compromise two-factor authentication protections.

Zeus is back with a vengeance

Zeus and its ZBOT brethren are coming back down off banking-Trojan Olympus to take another whack at the financial services game. The info-stealing malware is reemerging with a vengeance, with increased activity and a few upgrades to the previous versions.

DHS finds critical vulnerability in software used for background checks

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is facing a possible data breach thanks to the software it has been relying on to help process background checks for potential employees.

The Hangover continues: researchers uncover more Mac malware variants

In the wake of Operation Hangover, a large cyber-espionage campaign run from India, security researchers have identified yet more strains of the culprit, the Kumar in the Mac (KitM) spyware for Mac OS X. And these don’t appear to have a political motivation.

FTC considering a new antitrust investigation on Google

While Google is still attempting to head off antitrust problems in Europe, there are new reports that the FTC in the US is now considering a new investigation into how Google handles its advertising sales.

Despite high profile hacks, security is on right track says Cybercrime Report

The latest quarterly report from PandaLabs concludes on a surprisingly optimistic note given the continuous revelations of high profile hacks and the evolution of nation-state cyber warfare this year.

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