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US lawmakers propose digital bill of rights to safeguard privacy, internet freedom

US lawmakers propose digital bill of rights to safeguard privacy, internet freedom

Two US lawmakers have proposed a digital bill of rights to safeguard consumer privacy rights and ensure internet freedom.

Utilities need to invest more in smart grid cybersecurity, regulators warn

State regulators are warning utilities that they need to increase their investment in cybersecurity protections for the smart grid.

Florida university reports data breach affecting 23,000

The University of North Florida is reporting that the names and social security numbers of 23,246 individuals may have become compromised by a data breach involving a server hosting housing contracts.

Security is a pillar of Dell's strategic vision

Michael Dell participated in one of the keynotes at this week’s Gartner Security and Risk Summit outside Washington DC, in what amounted to a fireside chat with Gartner analysts about Dell’s future in IT security.

Will Iran use the international legal system against Obama?

Following the New York Times’ revelations that the Obama administration had been complicit in the Stuxnet attack on Iran, Senator McCain lambasted the administration for leaks that might “give some benefit to our adversaries.”

‘Adding Game’ on Facebook spam alert

Barracuda Labs has discovered a new Facebook spam methodology currently being seeded across the social network giant.

SandForce SF-2000 SSD Processor’s AES-256 is broken

SandForce, acquired by LSI earlier this year, produces flash storage and SSD processors. For more than a year it has been selling its SF-2000 SSD Processor product with AES 256 encryption – that doesn’t work.

Mobile workers pose unique security risks in the cloud

The challenge for cloud adoption is not only to secure data that resides or travels through the cloud, but also to protect organizations, their remote offices and mobile workers from being attacked by cybercriminals who use mobile apps and cloud application programming interfaces to unleash malware and conduct targeted attacks on organizations, warns McAfee.

Touch screen mobile devices require something better than passwords

Mobile devices are increasingly the go-to computing platform for both enterprise and general consumers, yet the problem is they are far easier to loose than the traditional laptop or desktop. This means they require methods of authentication that are both more secure and easy to use.

Microsoft takes Flame break to ship Patch Tuesday fixes

Microsoft is taking time out from its seemingly daily updates about the Flame malware to ship its usual Patch Tuesday update, which has seven security bulletins, including three critical ones for Internet Explorer, Windows, and .NET Framework.

Stuxnet, Flame authors cooperated, says Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab researchers have uncovered evidence that suggests the Stuxnet and Flame worms have a common origin.

Romney's use of breached Hotmail account is security 'jaw dropper'

US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s reported use of a Hotmail email account for sending his personal messages – an account a hacker claimed to have breached – is an information security “jaw dropper”, opined Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software.

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