New Partnership Launched to Improve Cyber-Resilience in Scotland

A new collaboration has been formed by 10 strategic organizations as part of efforts to enhance cyber-resilience and increase awareness of cyber-risks in Scotland. The CyberScotland partnership, which includes the Scottish Government, Police Scotland and the Scottish Business Resilience Center (SBRC), will work on ensuring individuals and organizations have easy access to up-to-date guidance on cybersecurity and resilience.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) will act as a technical advisor to the partnership.

The partnership’s first move has been to launch a new online resource, offering information and support across a range of cybersecurity issues for all individuals and organizations in the public, private and third sectors. Funded by the Scottish government, the website also provides information on skills development for those considering pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

The website has been launched on the opening day of CyberScotland week, a series of events aimed at improving cyber-awareness and resilience in Scotland.

Ivan McKee, minister for trade, innovation and public finance at the Scottish Government, commented: “The new strategic framework for a cyber-resilient Scotland launched by the deputy first minister earlier this week outlines Scotland’s intention to be a digitally secure and resilient nation. The CyberScotland partnership will help drive forward this ambition. As well as providing advice and guidance, improved coordination of skills opportunities, the partnership will help to promote Scotland’s flourishing cybersecurity products and service industry. Greater awareness of the cyber-risks leads to greater demand for solutions and our cybersecurity industry can produce innovative solutions and offer high quality employment.

“The organizations involved in this partnership play leading roles in effectively delivering the new strategic framework. A formal collaboration will further increase our effectiveness and reduce duplication of effort. The partnership will further reinforce Scotland as a global leader in the battle against cybercrime and a champion for ensuring a secure online environment for all.”

Jude McCorry, CEO of the SBRC, said: “The events of 2020 drove home the importance of remaining focused on cybersecurity. The reliance on technology for work and socializing grew alongside a corresponding rise in cyber-attacks. The SBRC has discussed the formation of a collaboration between the organizations involved in the CyberScotland partnership for some time, as we have seen some confusion from the public about where to get the support they need. Together, we can improve awareness and share knowledge of cybersecurity threats around Scotland. The website is a seamless solution to ensure everyone can access the right information from the right source.”

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