Privacy group criticise Google Buzz

Privacy group, Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC), has urged the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to examine Google Buzz, which has been heavily criticised since it was launched last week.

A statement on the Electronic Privacy Information Centre EPIC website said that Google Buzz; "violated user expectations, diminished user privacy, contradicted Google's privacy policy, and may have violated federal wiretap laws."

Although Google have already had to make changes to the Buzz system, it is thought that the site still takes advantage of current Gmail users and exposes too much private user details.

Epic's consumer privacy counsel Kim Nguyen spoke to the BBC; “Google still hasn't gone far enough, Twitter is a social networking site and people know what they are signing up for. With Gmail, users signed up for an e-mail service, not a social networking service."

EPIC have requested that the FTC ask Google to provide an opt-out service for Gmail users, they also want Google to first ask for the consent of users before jeopardising their privacy.



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