Pro-ISIS Facebook Site Taken Offline

A pro-ISIS Facebook clone has been forced offline after just a day and a linked Twitter account was shut down.

The so-called “5elafa book” (Khelafabook), meaning “CaliphateBook,” went online on Sunday, according to Reuters.

A screenshot obtained by French newspaper Le Figaro shows a Facebook-like log-in page and promotes the site as a place to “stay ahead of the world,” “keep and eye on what’s trending,” and “connect and share to the people that matters to you.”

Reports suggest it was built on DIY social platform Socialkit and hosted with GoDaddy in the US, although registration data apparently claimed its home address as the IS-controlled Iraqi city Mosul and its home country as Egypt.

That’s all academic now as the site has been taken offline.

Some hacktivists claiming to be part of online collective Anonymous have taken to Twitter to boast of their involvement in the takedown.

However, the site itself is now displaying a message claiming:

“5elafa book announces a temporary shut down in order to protect the info and details of its members and their safety.”

It claims not to be affiliated with the Islamic State and says the purpose of its launch was to “clarify to the whole world that we do not only carry guns and live in caves as they imagine.”

However, it then indulges in what seems very similar to ISIS propaganda – extolling the virtues of martyrdom and proclaiming an intent to one day rule the world “under the banner of Islam.”

Those who set the site up originally were likely motivated by the fact that Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are increasingly cracking down on pro-ISIS content.

Some Islamic State supporters have shown themselves to be cyber savvy in the past.

In January, hactivists briefly took control of the official YouTube and Twitter accounts of the US Central Command, defacing the page with the words “CyberCaliphate” and “I love you ISIS” and allegedly posting sensitive internal documents. 

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